I am happy to announce that my book, HOW THE SAINTS SHAPED HISTORY, is now officially released, and available at https://lnkd.in/g3XvY-Fg. I am grateful to the wonderful people at Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) for their expertise, care, and faith as they guided this book to its completion. They have done a great job with the design (including a 16-page illustrated timeline) to go with my 300 pages of text which tells the story of over 180 saints leading the Catholic Church through history as the primary history-makers. I have sought to show that the lesson of history is that, despite the many and severe challenges in the Church and world today, we have every reason to hope. God has seen the Church through her many crises to date and will continue to do so to and to raise up new saints to help us amidst our present challenges.
One of the great discoveries I made while writing this book is that so many ordinary people encouraged, vouched for, and assisted saints-to-be before they embarked upon their history-changing ministries. We can do the same, not knowing that we may be nurturing a saint as well.
In addition to the just-released print edition, my book is available in e-book format through Kindle and Nook. God’s blessings!

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